Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New skin for my website

In an effort to not look like I've learnt nothing in the last four years, I've reskinned my website. I don't kid myself that anyone actually wants to know this information, but by writing a post about it, in years to come I can find out when I released this particular version by looking at my blog. That's keeping some kind of digital timeline - the digital archivists would be proud.


Fletcher Baines said...

I like the new skin of your website, Tom! I just think you should add a bit more images or graphics to give your readers and site visitors a heads-up about the stuff you’ve written. It could also spark the interest of potential readers. =)

Fletcher Baines

Tom Natt said...

That does make sense. I think it's fair to say that it all needs work - at the moment I'm pulling together a proper portfolio of stuff I've done (17 years gamesmastering gives you a LOT of material) and when that is done, there will be a lot more content floating about!

Thanks for your comment - it's nice to know that there are people out there.

Cambria Ludwig said...

That's a smart thing to say, Fletcher! The website would indeed look good if it has some graphics in it. Just don't overdo it; some people don’t like sites that are full with animations but less in content. Tom, your plot stories sound interesting, perhaps if you write further, you'll gain money from it. =)

Cambria Ludwig

Tom Natt said...

Thanks for your comments. I've been thinking about writing more. Would be nice to earn some money from it!