Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Quantal Quetzal - second impressions

Printing has broken. Sigh.

This is actually a cups issue, not an Ubuntu one - Ubuntu has simply included the latest version of cups in its repositories. Sadly, cups 1.6 removes the network discovery feature so if you're using it, your printer list post-upgrade will look rather barren.

There are an assortment of bugs opened about this issue. Here's hoping someone forks or patches the project.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Quantal Quetzal - upgrade and first impressions

The new version of Ubuntu is out. In a fit of enthusiasm I upgraded my work machine this morning. Turns out that although the new version is out, it hasn't been out long enough for the packages to all make their way across - consequently I'm without my ldap browser of choice, luma. Sigh. Hopefully this will resolve itself in the not too distant future.

Mostly a simple upgrade otherwise. Just a couple of things broken:
  • autofs now needs to restart on network up instead of reload else it doesn't mount properly
  • needed a new method for moving the window close buttons
  • some glitches with the window manager (which seem to have gone away on their own)
  • slower boot times
  • keyboard shortcuts reset (thanks...)
  • shopping in lens (remove with "sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping" although you'll need to restart your window manager)
Fairly painless all in. I just don't recommend doing it for a week or two. The lack of a decent ldap browser wont bother most people but the Unity config tools we've all come to depend upon have also yet to make the jump and their absence will be more annoying.

New things? Well, there is the incredibly annoying shopping integration in the Unity lens which presented me with something that looked suspiciously like porn for the 30 seconds it survived before I killed it. Upgrades? I'm sure there are some of those too.