Saturday, 27 December 2014

The year that was

I often kick myself for not indulging my creative side enough, so in the interests of being positive once in a while and reminding myself that I do write more than I think I'm compiling a (likely incomplete) list of creative "things" done this year.

2015 is on the horizon. More next year.

Ubuntu 14.10, finally

I seem to have gotten into the habit of writing a post each time I do an upgrade, so here is the one for Ubuntu 14.10. It's really easy - by far the simplest upgrade I can remember. This, I'm sure, is partly because the changes behind the scenes this time are more about stability than new features but it's a welcome change. Nothing, and I mean nothing has broken for me either on my desktop install or this laptop.

I can't say I'm immediately noticing many improvements either, other than the latest packages. Not that I'm complaining - mostly, an obvious improvement means a change and frankly I like Ubuntu 14.04 enough as it was that it didn't need another overhaul to make me happy. Some minor bugs have been ironed out - the big one is that it no longer randomly forgets my keyboard language preferences.

So, don't fear this one. For me, this is the perfect upgrade - nothing broken and no major changes to learn.