Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Posable Phil!

Last post I mentioned that Wired picked up one of my photos. Seeing how exploiting Phil Wilson's face could be fun, Liam McMurray (chief web designer at the University of Bath) sprang into action and created Posable Phil - the new must-have toy this March.

Need to launch something in image form? Why not have Phil do it!

Need to make light of a difficult scene? Why not have Phil do it!

Face immobile? Incapable of expressing surprise for yourself? Why not have Phil do it!

With just a few quick clicks you (yes, you!) can create a whole series of pictures expressing surprise! Like this!

And how much is this wonderful toy? £1000? £100000000? £100000000000000000000? No! Thanks to the wonders of the Creative Commons license, it will cost you absolutely nothing (terms and conditions apply, original license states non-commercial use only)!

You can download this amazing gift here.

The original photo, with attached license, can be found here.