Friday, 14 December 2007

Insult someone and feel smug

I was on XFM Wales this morning, insulting the presenters as part of a competition. If you're in the South Wales area (and by that I include Bristol, or indeed on the web) I'd recommend The Roop and Tom Breakfast Show from 6 till 10.

And the insult?

You, sir, have the intellect of a monkey's scrotum. Your odour is more usually found in the matted hair of a cow's anus and your face can only be described as "unsafe for children". I am less amazed by your dress sense than that you have the sense to dress and your spasmodic gait is beyond my comprehension. One day you might rise above yourself and be compared favourably to a satsuma but until then you shall remain as you are - a veritable turd of a man.

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