Monday, 4 August 2008

What the critics say...

In a blatant attempt to massage my own ego, I thought I'd record some of the feedback from my talk:
  • "A presentation worthy of Expert Village. I liked how I could watch both you and the screen move about." - Choik-Sing Li
  • "Nice video! I think all this self-deprecating was just a compliment fishing exercise lol. One which appears to have worked, though!" - Dani Tynan
  • "Thanks for the session to-day, a VERY useful practical session, I now have
    RSS feeds working." - Chris Carr
  • "The bit where 'information is chasing you all over the internet' has just made me laugh out loud at work. And I work in a comedy department. Lovely illustrations." - Lyndsay Fenner
  • "Tell the one about the bus!" - Gareth Gwynn
How nice. If you missed it the first time round, they are referring to a talk I gave on the basics of RSS and Atom feeds.

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