Thursday, 16 July 2015

iPhone to Android - music

After the horror of extracting my SMS data from my iPhone, I moved on to music. Currently I have my music in iTunes with Match so I can stream to my device. A little reading showed me Google Play is:

  • bigger (stores at least twice the number of tracks)
  • not using iTunes
  • cheaper (free!)
  • not using iTunes
  • web accessible
  • not using iTunes
The setup was easy, led through by a well designed website. It pushed me to the Chrome app which seemed to have trouble reading my music but then I found the desktop version. I pointed it at my (iTunes) music folder. It scanned it and about 2 hours later I had an online library of around 2500 songs. I am struggling to find the words to express quite how easy it was.

Now, I have a very fast internet connection here but I was also watching stuff on YouTube and talking on Skype while it did its thing and didn't notice any problems. It even handled the multi-artist albums which iTunes sometimes struggles with (albums with "artist featuring another artist" on it). I've not dug through my online library in too much detail yet but I'm yet to find a mistake.

I'm impressed.

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