Sunday, 31 December 2017

The year that was, 2017

Time to once again take stock of the last 12 months and that leads to an important question about 2017. Was it worse than 2016? For me, the answer is yes. Assorted burn-out issues have resulted in a significant decline in physical and mental health and a marked reduction in making things. That is something to fix for next year. Looking at the positives, I've survived a year in a new job and city and I've managed to catch up with a lot of friends from The Past. I've also managed to do Some Things, albeit Fewer Things than I'd have liked. Still, it hasn't all been Killing Floor 2 and Ultimate Chicken Horse.

  • 12 posts on this blog (13 including this one)
  • wrote a short story
  • another year of the Year in Pictures site, up to 15 photographers
  • over 385 contributions to various projects on github
  • completed GMing a 2 year 5th ed D&D game to great critical acclaim
  • got back in to playing D&D online
  • started planning a new regular game
  • created the university of bath RPG (post to follow on this)
  • went on a photography course to learn how to use my camera properly
  • 55+ pictures on my instagram account
  • loads of photos on my flickr stream
  • attended some cookery courses
  • updated my website and Gareth's website
  • lots of work with build pipelines and hosting
  • plenty of game recording, with sadly little to no video editing
  • a bit more voiceover work

I also hung up my abacus, finishing my time as a church treasurer and member of our church council with a financial presentation to the congregation. I've continued running the sound desk in the same church.

Resolution count: 3.5/10 - better than 2016. Still bad.

This coming year I'm going to try undoing the problems of this year - most notably fixing my health and writing more. I'm also starting a new role at work and I'm going to be spending more time going to see friends from university who have disappeared a bit. Here we go...

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