Saturday, 18 December 2021

A Christmas PSA

If, like me, you sometimes brave the horrors of the local Waitrose supermarket then you may find yourself stuck behind increasingly long queues of people. While it is lovely being around grumpy people during a pandemic, there is a shortcut to getting out.

You'll need a Waitrose card. Head over to the completely ignored QuickCheck stand then scan out a handset. 20 seconds of scanning your stuff later, you can waltz up to the entirely unused QuickCheck checkouts, scan your handset, pay and head for the door.

If something doesn't scan, you can convert the terminal into a self checkout for that item. Or indeed most of your items if you're really feeling like trolling everyone around you.

Either way, it is much quicker than the queues and leaves you with time to bask in the naked hatred of all those you've just walked straight past. Glorious.

Other supermarkets are also available.

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